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    Natural Fibers

    Product: Yecla Bleach
    Response by King Textiles is excited to announce our new line of linens and linen cotton blends. Using natural fibers, we are here to offer a popular avenue for consumers who value sustainable options.

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    Sustainable Stats

    Sustainable Stats
    textile waste makes up 5% of landfills,
    95% of that is recyclable.
    through the development and use of recycled yarns,
    over 6.5 MILLION lbs. of textile waste are diverted from landfills each year.

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    Response, By King Textiles

    KING Textiles is dedicated to reducing excess water and waste produced by the textile industry. In 2020 we released our recycled and sustainable product line, Response. 

    Developing textile constructions using a variety of yarns including natural cotton, natural linen, recycled cotton, polyester, and olefin yarns, King Textiles is committed to providing eco-friendly textile CHOICES for the home furnishings industry. 

    RESPONSE by King Textiles is an expansive and environmentally friendly product line that reduces plastic waste in the landfill, saves water and CO2 emissions and pollutants.  We are creating earth friendly home textile choices using yarns manufactured with pre and post-consumer waste. Choosing cotton and linen rich constructions we are supporting a sustainable model for balancing resources and environmental accountability. 

    RESPONSE by King Textiles aligns with our mission to exceed our customer’s expectations and our commitment to create sustainable, fashionable high quality textiles for the home furnishing industry. 

    We at King Textiles recognize our RESPONSibility to make eco-positive choices that make clean air and water a priority, and to develop products that are incorporating SOLUTIONS for re-purposing and reusing our precious resources with measurable results. 

    Together we can champion a positive change for this and future generations!