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    King Textiles LLC.

    At King Textiles, we transform art into fabric. Our inspiration comes from around the world, where we seek to find cutting edge trends and add our own unique touch. We offer residential and commercial fabrics with contemporary, transitional, and traditional designs. We have fabrics suitable for drapery, upholstery, and motor vehicle use. Our desire is to inspire designers to create distinctive looks for all spaces and furnishings. With generations of experience, we deliver brilliant and timeless fabrics, ensuring quality and originality.

    Response by King Textiles

    Response by King Textiles emphasizes our ability to make a positive impact on the textile industry. With the use of sustainable and recycled yarns, Response creates an eco-concious fabric option.

    Ameriphlox Trimmings

    A wide variety of trims, tapes, cords, fringe,and embellishments to make furniture and decor even more unique.