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    Our desire is to inspire distinctive looks for all spaces. With generations of experience, we deliver brilliant and timeless fabrics ensuring quality and originality.

    At King Textiles, we transform art into fabric. Our inspiration comes from around the world, where we seek to discover progressive trends and add a unique touch. Our growth has been successful due to the passion of our employees and creativity of our customers. Most importantly we are in the business of people, bringing you a fabric to make your vision happen. It is beyond fulfilling to see our inspiration turned into fabric then brought to life through furnishings. We strive to bring you a fabric for any need and pride ourselves in our wide collection.

    With over a thousand patterns produced over the years, we are thankful for our humble beginnings. King Textiles LLC. was built by a team of two individuals selling three patterns. Relationships and a wonderful team have been the key to growth within King Textiles. Our passion lies within providing you with a fabric that inspires you to create.